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World Nyckelharpa Day

Byss-Calle's - Skålarna Video


April 26 is World Nyckelharpa Day - a day dedicated to the nyckelharpa.  Celebrations are being held around the world on this day, Byss-Calle's birthday.  To celebrate we're encouraging groups that include nyckelharpa to record Byss-Calle's tune - Skålarna.  The videos received will be edited together into a video showcasing Skålarna and the nyckelharpa to the world.


To participate, you'll make a good quality video of your group playing Skålarna and then upload it to be included in the final edited video.  We ask that you follow these steps to complete your group's video:

Step 1 :

  • Download the sheet music for Skålarna here to ensure that we are all using the same version

  • Download the reference track here, to use to maintain the tempo of 112 BPM

  • Plan to play the tune using an AA-BB-A-B-A arrangement

Step 2 :

  • Set up your phone/camera to record a video at an appropriate distance to get both good picture and sound quality.

  • Record your group playing the tune using the reference track or a click track to maintain the tempo of 112 BPM

  • Have fun!!!

Step 3 :

  • If possible, rename your video file with your group's name and your country

  • Follow this link to upload your video to our central Dropbox repository

  • Send a confirming email to to let us know your video was uploaded and any additional details you would like to share.

  • The deadline to submit your video for inclusion is Sunday, April 5, as we need to have the final video edit completed prior to World Nyckelharpa Day.


Please email us with any questions you may have:

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